Virginia Guidotti - Truccatrice

About me

Virginia was born in Florence in 1987.
In this artistic city she naturally finds opportunities to exercise the eye and observe the beauty and harmony that is around her, and that stimulates her mind from day to day.
She developped love and curiosity for colours from an early age, colouring becoming one of her favourite pastime as she created and experimented with a passion.
Her journey initially began when she decided to attend the Artistic High School of Florence, where she studied from a closer point of view painting, sculpture and the characteristics of various materials.
Over the years Virginia has frequently had the opportunity to watch theatrical shows in several florentine theatres and that has led her to a deep interest in the secrets and magic of the stage.
The choice to attend the school of scenography at Florence Academy of Fine Arts was without doubt the right one for her to progress on her way.
In her final exam while discussing her thesis, several members of the examining board suggested that she could collaborate with Board Director Gabriele Lavia on the “The imaginary Invalid” in Pergola Theatre, where she helped to prepare the stage design.
Virginia took up the examiners’suggestion and from that experience she discovered a deeper interest in an art closer connected to the stage: theatrical make-up.
She decided to go to one of the best schools in Italy for make-up and moved to Milan, where she attended a course that specialized in theatrical, cinema, photography, corrective and special effect make-up.
At present she is working as a make up artist between Florence and Milan.

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