Virginia Guidotti - Truccatrice


Studying and customising your image

This individual course is designed to teach women how to enhance and value their natural beauty through corrective and decorative techniques and highlighting their best features. In one or more lessons, you can learn how to put on make-up like a professional, so that whatever you have to do , whatever the occasion, you can achieve the same looks without guidance.



Picture perfect make up, that is both corrective and long-lasting while maintaining the natural beauty, personality, and personal taste of the bride.



Eyebrows are fundamental to our overall appearance, and therefore a vital part of studying make-up. They frame our face, transforming not only our eyes but our facial expressions. When properly groomed, the contour of the eyebrow can enhance our features and produce a more intense, powerful glance. After an accurate study of the eyebrows, it is possible to correct their incline, position and length, and thus create the shape most suited to the individual 's face.


Treatment make-up for problem skin

This is aimed for people with all types of problem skin, including: hypochromia (vitiligo, pityriasis versicolor), hyperchromasia (melasma or chloasma), discoloration (rosacea, angiomas, facial burns, telangiectasia), age spots, sun spots and scars.
In these cases, the make-up will give invaluable aesthetical support, providing coverage no matter how severe the skin problem. Both temporary and permanent blemishes on the body can have a huge impact on everyone physiologically, and as a result affect their day to day life. Appropriate use of high-coverage products will conceal and help lessen imperfections, resolving psychological problems and restoring confidence and self-esteem.

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