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We offer lashes and brows treatments.

L’Eye Designconcerns the study of the eye in all of its parts, starting from the eyebrow to the lids, together with lashes. The potential communication behind those elements are endless, as endless are the changes that can be made with small and focused treatments. Eyebrows are essential for the study of the eyes, face and our full expressions. Well-shaped eyebrows have the power not only to enhance our natural features but can also intensify our look.



We offer lash treatments such as lash filler (also known as a lash lift); eyelash lengthening and thickening (eyelash extensions with a 1:1 method and a volume method); eyelash lengthening and thickening with color reflex (colored lash extensions) or point of light (Swarovski crystals); lash tint; individual false lashes or full strip false lash application; in-home lash care products.

Lash filler (with or without color) perms your eyelashes and helps strengthen them, thanks to the application of keratin, panthenol and biotin. This treatment can thicken and lengthen your lashes over time (24% increase in thickness is guaranteed in 3 sessions).
It is possible to combine this treatment with a color tint to further define the look.
This treatment can last up to one and half months.

Lash extensions are a treatment to add length, thickness and volume to your natural eyelashes.
Durning this session, individual flash lashes are gently applied to your natural lashes with a specific, high-quality adhesives.
Many different and unique effects can be achieved based the number of lashes chosen, the color and the length.

This tailor-made treatment is based on each client’s specific needs, eye-shape and natural lashes and allow each client to achieve their ideal look.

Lash tint is a treatment to highlight your natural lashes and make them stand out. Normally this treatment darkens the lashes and we recommend pairing a lash tint with a lash filler treatment.

A lash tint can also be used to harmonize natural and artificial lashes during the bespoke lash extension treatment.

Daily lashes are individual or lash strips which can be applied for a special occasion or event, or to complete a makeup look.
This lash application can last minimum 1 day or up to 3/4 days.

In-home case is advised to improve your natural lashes before starting any of the above lash treatments

Confused about which treatment is right for you?
Come to our studio for a free consultation.

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