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Frequently Asked Questions

What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an innovative technique that allows single false lashes to be applied on natural lashes with surgical precision and by using high quality, long lasting adhesives.

These treatments have become increasingly popular in Italy.

What are the benefits?

  • Lash extensions are long lasting. Extensions last approximately 6/8 weeks because the extensions are attached to the natural lash and respect the natural lash life cycle.
  • Extensions need regular refills to maintain the original look. A first refill takes place normally after 3/4 weeks. During the refill session lashes are added where they have naturally fallen.
  • They are natural looking. False lashes are different in length, curl and thickness and are applied individually each time, achieving a consistent, natural look.
  • A wide range of results can be achieved thanks to the different types of extensions available. Every application is personalized according to the type of eye and to the client’s needs.
  • Natural lashes aren’t damaged as we work with high quality and non-allergic adhesives. The adhesives do not touch the eye or skin, rather only the eyelash hair.
How are the extensions applied?
The session takes place in the studio with the client laying down on a spa table with closed eyes. The lash technician uses surgical tweezers to divide every natural lash and gently glue a false lash on it.
How long does the session take?
Sessions can last between 2/3 hours depending upon the type of look, the size of the eyes and the quantity of natural lashes used.
What is a lash filler?

Lash filler (with or without color) perms your eyelashes and helps strengthen them, thanks to the application of keratin, panthenol and biotin. This treatment can thicken and lengthen your lashes over time (24% increase in thickness is guaranteed in 3 sessions).
This treatment can last up to one and half months.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

  • Clients  with messy and unruly lashes to create a tidier look. Mascara application will become much easier.
  • Clients  with straight or downward facing lashes. This treatment can create a more open look with healthier and thicker lashes. Mascara application will become much easier and clients can say goodbye to their eyelash curler! 
  • Clients with dry, brittle lashes : this treatment nourishes your lashes and makes them look healthier.
  • Clients with thin lashes : this treatment helps with thickness and length.
  • Clients on a break from lash extensions
To get the most out of this treatment…
To get the most out of this treatment, it should be repeated at least 3/4 times within a 4 month period. This ongoing treatment contributes to the overall lash health and growth.
Is it possible to dye lashes?
Of course, the color tint can complete the treatment thus defining and intensifying your lashes.
How long does the treatment last?
This treatment lasts approximately 1-2 months. Treatment length depends on the lashes normal life cycle.
What is Brow lift and tint?
Brow lift is a grooming and aesthetic treatment that smooths and straightens coarse or unruly eyebrows with the application of macadamia, argan and almond oils.
How long does the treatment last?
These temporary tints last approximately 30 days on the eyebrow and 5-10 days on the skin.
Which is the most long lasting eyebrow treatment?
Dermo pigmentation.
Dermo pigmentation is a type of semi-permanent makeup to add thickness or to rebuild an eyebrow that has lost its shape or has been damaged in some way.
This technique uses an electric device, called dermograph, that uses mini needles to transmit pigments into the skin and creates a realistic tattoo. This technique allows maximum flexibility in creating the most realistic hair effect based on shading, shape and color. A private client consultation is required before booking this treatment.
Which is the different between dermo pigmentation and body tattoo?
Body tattoo pigments are permanent and made to last for life on the skin. Dermo pigmentation pigments are bioabsorbable, meaning these pigments are capable of being absorbed into living tissue either fully or partially overtime.
How many sessions are needed for a good result?

After the first session the skin will start to heal and the pigment will start being absorbed into the skin.
Some color may be lost once the skin is fully healed and some of the following scenarios may occur:

  1. The most frequent scenario is that 40-50% of the color will be absorbed into the skin and with only one more session, the final shape and color will be restored.
  2. Less infrequent scenarios might show a higher percentage of color being absorbed and additional sessions may be required to restore the treatment.
  3. Only on very rare occasions does the skin reject the color.

The second session is completed approximately after 40/50 days from the first one and is necessary to restore both shape and color.

How long does dermo pigmentation last?
There is no one answer to this question.
I chose to work with bioabsorbable pigments which are processed differently by each individual client.
Some factors that might influence the length of the treatment include : age, skin type, immunity system, home care, and medications use.
How many often do I need to touch-up my tattoo?
Every 12 months. It’s important to touch-up the tattoo before it’s completely gone otherwise the treatment must be started again from scratch.
How much time advance notice do you need from a bride for bridal services?
As soon as possible to ensure your date and time are available.
Bridal services can be considered confirmed upon signature of the contract and payment of the deposit.
Do you work with other professionals?
Yes, I have a team of professionals to create a bride’s complete look and to assist with any bridal party members and guests who would also like to book services and treatments.
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